Cure consumer EV fears with telematics

Automakers are increasingly turning to telematics to overcome fears over EV range and performance. This discussion outlines how to EV connectivity can be harnessed to develop a suite of services that enhance vehicle efficiency and reduce charge time.

Smart EV Infratructure & Busines Europe 2012 will continue the debate using connectivity to enhance the EV experience.

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Break down the barriers to adoption

Nissan, Agero, Continental and SAP outline how to harness EV vehicle connectivity to develop a suite of services that improve the EV ownership experience.

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Drive the next wave of EV innovation

EV industry thought leaders will explore successful case studies and innovative business models to accelerate the deployment of a European EV infrastructure at Smart EV Infrastructure & Business Europe 2012 (December 5-6th, Munich, Germany).

They will discuss:

  • Industry leaders discuss how to create a workable and mutually beneficial business models to develop an EV infrastructure roadmap
  • Accelerate EV adoption by tackling the standards debate to achieve consumer interoperability and roaming
  • Get to grips with up to the moment EV charging & billing systems to create a seamless and connected network of charging stations

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Take a look at last year's first class speaker line-up 

  • Industry leaders including Nissan, Mercedes-Benz, Better PLace, Renault, UK Power Networks and Toyota

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